Jazz Piano


Main subject:
1.   Solo performance of 4 popular jazz standards in 3 different (slow, medium, fast) tempo and of different styles (ballade, Latin, swing, duple metre and odd-numbered metre)
2. Presentation of transcripts: featuring two outstanding pianist improvisations with the original recording; two copies of the improvisation recorded by the applicant must be submitted to the examination committee.
3. Performance of approx. 50 popular jazz standards as a repertoire, from memory, in original harmonization – theme and improvisation
4. Sight-reading of a motif handed to the applicant at the examination, preferably with phrasing appropriate for the style.
Classical Music:
2 pieces chosen from the partitas and suites from ‘Wohltemperies Klavier’ by J. S. Bach.
1 movement of a Viennese classical sonata ( Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn)
1 romantic style piano piece (preferably Chopin or Liszt).
1 piece of XX. century