I respectfully welcome on the „ Vienna Konservatorium” Budapest’s new website.

Our institution is a nationally renowned, listed in Europe and Asia like an Institute of Music.

The university is located, one of Europe’s largest cultural capital with charm, Kodály and Bartók’s home in Budapest. The college of Vienna’s renowned music school for a branch that connects the capital of Budapest’ music education and cultural life from 2010. On our website you can find information about the institute’s educational and artistic work, the departments activities, the offered lessons and admissions requirements. The Institute is focusing heavily on next to the cross-border cultural cooperation on the students and the institution international presence.

We believe that, in addition to besides the excellent teaching staff artist, Austria and Hungary and Central Europe’s cultural legacy assurance that such music artists form a school who fully meet the requirements of the modern age.

The Vienna Konservatorium proud to have students from many nations represented. In addition, the institution indicates international recognition that is currently forty-four different nationalities of students studying in the institution.

Foreign students play a very important role in the artistic life of the institution, because our institution’s philosophy of the Austrian cross-border artistic and pedagogical activity.

Our success in this area without borders encouraged us to also burn the spirit of the relationship with the students to deepen and further develop cultural dialogue.

The Vienna Konservatorium offers to the hungarian students advanced and proven form of education, it contributes significantly to the development of the Pannonian region.

In accordance with the requirements of the teacher education and professional training is accepted at the Vienna Konservatorium Budapest has the traditional music school and vocational school connections that can help effective and successful teacher training can take place. The students of the music school teaching practices and methodological practices of the school Bocskai István Református Oktatási Központ Egressy Béni Alap és Középfokú, Zeneművészeti Szakközépiskola, Ének-zene Gimnázium.

We want to make the integrated common culture in Central Europe is also visible in this cooperation.

Our goal is strengthen to the learning process across the two countries borders , creating bigger, broader impact of the increase information exchange and the cultural life of the two countries with attention of the self-consciousness to formation; For centuries the existing cross-connections to further strengthen – Austria and Hungary – between the twin cities of Vienna and Budapest.
Our goal is this cross contacts confirmes in such a way we continue to shape this relationship and we are training to jointly the generations of music teachers.