Prof. Iván Madarász

Prof. Madarász IvánBirth: 1949
Academic degree, university degree: university professor

Educated subject: Music theory, Solfeggio

From 1972: Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest – Composition (Endre Szervánszky’s Class) – (Graduation: Woman and the Devil – one-handed opera)

Educational activities:
1973-80: at the Pécs School of the Liszt Ferenc Music College – Music theory
From 1980: lecturer at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, from 2002 as a university professor.

Composer activity:
A wide range of musical genres appears in his compositions. They emphasize the drama of music reviews and the novel way of using vocal technique and human voice. His instrumental music, especially his flute works, is characterized by new modes of instrumental technique. In his chamberlaces, he developed a peculiar method for a more complex, “Non-equivalent” rhythms.
Artificial list:

Live electroacoustic compositions
A A A – Dezső Tandori’s poem (soprano, synthesizer)
Archaic Arches (Strings, Synthesizer)
Ascendens (violin, bass guitar)
Star (solo cimbalom, synthesizer)
Dionysos geometry
Come on, tell Schubert about the death of Orbán Ottó (soprano, synthesizer, violin)
J.J. games (flute, 2 synthesizers, cello)
One Minute Stories (Flute, Trumpet, Cello, 2 Synthesizers)
Orpheus gestures
Prelude-Melodi (flute, trumpet, cello, 2 synthesizers)

2 from the verses of Weöres Sándor
Catullus Songs
Der Werwolf – Christian Morgenstern
Afternoon meditation – Dezső Kosztolányi’s poem
Pearl – Attila József’s poem
Kennst du das Land – Dezső Tandori’s poem
Logs on the Tisza – Lajos Áprily
Winter Song – Sándor Weöres

Choral works
Sleeping – Attila József’s poem – a childrens’ boy
Spells of Human Being – Endre Gyárfás text – mixed choir
Children’s songs from the UNICEF collection (processing) – a children’s choir
Hymn at all times to the poem of László Nagy – mixed choir
Kuli – Weiszres Sándor mixed choir
It’s like a call – a mixed shop
Turkish children’s songs – kid’s
Ugróiskola – A poem by Nemes Nagy Ágnes – a childrens’ boy
A message from space – a poem by Nemes Nagy Ágnes – a childrens car

Chamber music works
Anecdote (oboe, piano)
B.-la (violin, percussion, piano)
Ba-Tri Music (flute, cello, harpsichord)
Canti Coelestes (guitar band)
Diagrams I. (string quartet)
Diagrams II. (flute, violin, cello, harpsichord)
Diagrams III. (2 cimbalom)
One role is looking for four instruments (oboe, violin, cello, synthesizer)
Esztergom tones (guitar band)
Fanfare (brass band)
Set (brass quintet)
Histori stories (brass quintet)
Three unparalleled dance (2 flutes)
Three stories (oboe, piano)
Embroidered tones (soprano, flute, violin, percussion, synthesizer)
In memoriam Szendrei László Karper (guitar band, vocal band)
Itoch (2 cimbalom)
Jan Jansson spins in Denmark (cello band)
Jan Jansson’s Ten Prayers (Violin, Cello, Guitar)
Kaleidoscope (horn, cello, piano)
Loth’s Prayer (violin, piano)
Hungarian suite (flute, cello, harpsichord)
Hungarian artillery (flute, cello, harpsichord)
Art Music (chamber)
Quartet (percussion)
Five cases (horn, cimbalom)
Dialogue with trumpet and piano (trumpet, piano)
Parallel monologues (flute, cello, harpsichord)
Re-petition for 6-12 performers
Speeds (2 flutes, tape)
Seol (flute, string quartet, harp)
Septen (2 flutes, tapes)
Symbols (brass band) – detail
Dance (percussion ensemble)
Dances from the Codex of Lőcse (flute, cello, harpsichord)
Newer parallel monologues (cello, cimbalom)
Shock on two pianos (2 pianos)
Vocalise (flute, guitar band)

What Hamlet did not tell Ophelia (flute)
FürZOGY (flute)
Crazy (piano)
Hammered (piano)
Metamorphosis (piano)
Mosaics for solo violin (violin)
Five minute male voice
Talismans (flute)

Oratory works
Archaic episodes (soprano, mixed choir, symphonic orchestra)
Crucifixus (soprano, mixed choir, guitar band)
Chapters of a story (mixed choir, symphonic orchestra)
King Matthias and the Rage – Ákos Fodor (soloist, narrator, chamber ensemble)
Month of Wonderful Shepherd – Illyés Gyula (soloist, narrator, chamber ensemble)
Soundtrack (Talking about the voices) – Sándor Török’s lyrics (alt, tenor, bass solo, symphonic orchestra)
Missa brevis (soprano solo, guitar band)
Missa in fragmenti (soprano solo, guitar band)
Molto Espressivo – János Pilinszky (symphony orchestra, mixed choir)
Knight of Pazmán – Arany János (soprano, tenor, baritone, symphonic orchestra)
Refrain (soprano solo, 2 synthesizers, percussion)
Sonnet (soprano solo, percussion)
Psalm (soprano solo, guitar band)

1. Piano Competition (piano, symphony orchestra)
2. Piano Competition (piano, symphony orchestra)
Concerto F (L) A (flute solo, string band)
Concertuba (tuba, wind band)
Flute Chamber (flute, symphony orchestra)
Orphanage (cimbalom, chamber band)

Symphonic orchestral works
Musica Solenne
Musica Solenne Millenium
Suoni reali

Árva Lázár ballada
Lót – part
Last Turning – Görgey Gábor Afternoon tea in the wake of his action
The woman end the devil

Robin Hood
Zsuzsanna and the elders
Tévedések vígjátéka
Messze még a holnap


Stand-alone discs (both Hungaroton):

  • Concerto F (L) A; Embroidered tones; Echo; Speeds for two flutes; Chapters of a story
  • Flautiáda; Concertuba; Solemn Music
  • Orfeús gestures; Dionysos geometry; Facial-Hai Archi; Tabalatúra; One-minute novels; Talisman
  • Lot; refrain
  • Muzzing Tales (Pásmán Knight, King Matthias and the Lieutenant, Month of the Sounds (Altató))

Contributor Plates (Hungaroton):

  • New Parallel Monologues – Contemporary Hungarian Music for Cymbals – Ágnes Szakály Record
  • J.J. Games – Contemporary Hungarian Electronic Compositions
  • Dialogue for Trombone and Piano – Hungarian contemporary works Trombone
  • Stars – EAR Ensemble
  • Record of Parallel Monologues – Hungarian Baroque Trio Albums

Since 1990: Association of Hungarian Composers (Founder and Presidency Member)
Since 1990: Artisjus Hungarian Copyright Protection Bureau )
1998-2002 and Since 2006: National College of Music of the National Cultural Fund – curator Awards,

1978: Special Prize of the Montreaux Film Festival
1981, 1983: Award of the OIRT Contest Award (two times)
1985: Prize of the Choir Competition of the Budapest Capital
1992: Erkel Ferenc Prize
1998: Bartók-Pásztory Prize
2005: Knight Cross of the Order of Merit