József Horváth Plútó

Place of Birth: Hatvan
Date of birth: 1980
Educated subject: bass / double bass

He was born on August 6, 1980 in a traditional musician family. He began to play bass at ten, and then enrolled in the UBK’s double bass band in 1995, where János Egri was his teacher. After two years of intense learning, he started bass playing autodidactically.
First of all, he tried to play one of the great jazz musicians of jazz music, Balogh Csibe Jenő. Then there was a sequence of actions. Then he was lucky to play with Béla Szakcsi Lakatos.
Later he formed a group with his young friends (Trio Heaven), which won the first prize in his 1998 MAY Jazz Competition.
In 2000 Árpád Oláh Tzumo invited him to perform with his orchestra. With this formation, great successes have also been achieved abroad. In the summer of 2001, they won a prestigious professional jazz competition in Wilshofen, Germany. In September 2001 he was awarded the best bass player in Jazz Hoeilaart International Europa in Brussels, and the band won all the top prizes (best trio and the most prestigious prize for the mandatory piece), and Tzumo is the best European soloist. Emil Jelinek is the best European drummer award). On May 30, 2003, he became first place in the Dando Péter Jazz Bass Guitar Talent Competition organized by the Hungarian Radio.

In his previous career he has played with such renowned musicians as Tony Lakatos, Chico Freeman, John Patitucci, Rick Marticca, Liane Carroll, Kálmán Oláh, Ann Malcolm, Torsten Devinkel, Tamás Berki, Vilmos Jávori, Emilio, Kati Rácz, Imre Kőszegi, Szakcsi Lakatos Béla, Gyula Babos, Ferenc Németh, Gyula Csepregi, Rezső Jónás,Ferenc Snétberger, Gigi Radics, István Tabáni, Vera Tóth, Shadi.

Currently playing in the following bands: Tamás Berki Band, Jávori Sound Machine, Csepregi Hip-Bob, Jáger Latin Band, Jágersoul, Jáger Bandi Group, Blue Step Trio, Finucci Bros Quartet, Rezső Jónás Project, Rácz Kati Orchestra, Jazz Garden Trio, Jazzrael , Dezső Oláh Junior Trio, Oláh Dezső Septet, Salsa Cubano, Tzumo Trio, Finucci Brothers.

He recently founded his orchestra, Pluto Band, representing the jazz-rock genre, in which he produces his own compositions.