Elemér Balázs

Balázs ElemérEducated subject: jazz-drum

Major Concerts:
He has worked with Anette Lowman, Stepko Guttal, Zbigniew Namislowsky, Jukka Perkoval, Paolo Fresuval, Stephane Belmondo, Steve Houbennel, Lee Konitzcal, Art Farmer and Pat, Perugia, Marciac, Nuremberg, Zurich, Munich, Copenhagen, Du Maurier and Liege. With Metheny and Al Jarreau.)

Membership in orchestra:
Trio Midnight
Creative Art Ensemble

Awards, honors
2000 – Gramophone Prize
2001 – Prize for Józsefváros
2005 – Phonogram Award
2005 – The Silver Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary
2006 – Artisjus Prize
2012 – Story Value Prize