Bence Szepesi

Educated subject: Clarinet, Saxophone

Bartók Béla Conservatory of Music
1997 – Ferec Liszt Academy of Music
2004 – Chamber Music Class at the Paris Music Academy

Most important roles, concerts:
In 1987 he gave solo concerts in Greece with Aladár Tóth Youth Symphony Orchestra
He has performed several concerts with symphonic, wind and chamber orchestra accompaniments (Mozart, Weber, R. Strauss, Horowitz, Artie Show, Marcello) and performed with several string quartets (Mozart, Weber, Brahms)
In November 2001, Aaron Harlap (ISR) presented the clarinet competition with the Ernő Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra (the radio has been broadcast in more than 12 countries since then)
In 2004 Harlap: Psalm piece – he performed with Maria Teresa Uribe, György Solti Chamber Orchestra, conducting by the author
In 2002 he made a recording for Hungarian Radio, he played Balázs Horváth’s Clarinet Competition with the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
WASBE International Concert Bands Orchestra’s Concertmaster at Hamamatsu (Japan) won the 1996 Osaka (Japan) International Chamber Music Competition for a special prize
In 1996 he gave solo concerts in Spain, Italy and France with the Concert Wind Orchestra of the Music Academy.

1992 – soloist of the Ernő Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra
He is the artistic director and founder of the Budapest Saxophone Quartet
In 2005 he was a member of the jury of the National Clarinet and Saxophone Competition

Awards, honors:
Won the 1st prize in Budapest Clarinet Competition
He was awarded a national prize at a national competition
At the International Clarinet Federation III. won awards in Ghent (Belgium)
1995 – “Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy”.