1-2. semester:
Increased autonomy in the field of analysis, technical-play, performance-tune tasks; great Bach works, the “mixed style”, the possibilities of modern harpsichord, etc. 


J. S. Bach: Chromatic Fantasy and Fusion, Goldberg Variations, Wohlt. Klavier, V. Brandenburg Concertos, Concerto Transcripts
Gottlieb Muffat: Musical Instruments
French clavecinists (17th-18th centuries)
A. Scarlatti, Rossi, Storace’s works
D. Scarlatti, Soler: Sonata
Contemporary harpsichord literature

Exam Program:

  1. semester: A French Style Suite, Bach: Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue or Concerto Transcript, a D. Scarlatti Sonata
  2. semester: A. Scarlatti: Toccata, Bach: Goldberg Variations, a D. Scarlatti Sonata, a contemporary work 

3-4. semester:

Summarized learning and autonomy in all aspects of artistic harpsichords; (17-19th century), preparation for the diploma concerto, etc.


Bach family, Haydn, Giordani, harpsichord concerts of early classics, and double and triple concerts
B. Marcello, Cherubini, and Cimarosa’s works
Hungarian and Hungarian keyboards: Bengráf, Zimmermann, Fusz, etc.
Modern harpsichord concerts: Francaix, De Falla, Poulenc, Szőllősy