The most important professional subject, whose task is to develop instrumental knowledge, to achieve the level of knowledge required to acquire professional instrument art at the artistic level. Musical, technical knowledge elements, style knowledge, repertoire knowledge; the development of general performing skills, the development of disciplines required for independent artistic activity (eg, dignity, discipline, self-control, etc.); deepen the practice of concerts in concert; the examination of the learned works from a pedagogical point of view, playing a part of the pedagogical repertoire.

Selected learning material / literature:

  1. S. Bach: Lyre works
  2. Augustin Barrios Mangore: Performing pieces
  3. Leo Brouwer:
  4. Estudios I-XX.
  5. Elogio de la Danza
  6. Három ballada (Decameron noir)
  7. Simone Innarelli: Five Miles Sketches
  8. Les Production D’oz.
  9. Kocsár Miklós: Suite
  10. Frank Martin: Quatre Pieces Breves
  11. Niccolo Paganini: Szonáták
  12. Maria Manuel Ponce:
  13. Sonatina Meridional
  14. Sonata III.
  15. Sonata Clásica
  16. Sonata Romantica
  17. Variációk a Fólia témára
  18. Téma, variációk és finálé
  19. Concerto del Sur
  20. Joaquin Rodrigo: Invocacion y Danza, Tres piezas Espagnolas
  21. Fantasia Para un Gentilhombre
  22. Concierto de Aranjuez
  23. Domenico Scarlatti: Szonáták
  24. Brouwer 12 Szonáta
  25. Fernando Sor: Összkiadás
  26. Castelnuovo-Tedesco:Sonata
  27. Suite (Op.133.)
  28. Fantasia, Op.14
  29. 24 Caprichos de Goya Op. 195.
  30. D-dúr gitárverseny Op.99.
  31. C-dúr gitárverseny Op.205.
  32. Federico Moreno Torroba: Sonatina
  33. Suite Castellana.
  34. Joaquin Turina:Sonata
  35. Fandanguillo
  36. Hector Villa-Lobos: 12 etűd
  37. 5 prelűd
  38. Brazil szvit
  39. Gitárverseny
  40. William Walton: 5 bagatel


Exam Program in each semester:
One slow and fast movements of two different styles performing pieces and two etudes. One practice and one piece is mandatory from memory.

Diplom Concert Program:
A significant concert from memory and two other performing pieces (one can be another concert), preferably with all the styles, with special attention to the works of contemporary Hungarian and other contemporary composers. And a piece of a chamber work in which the candidate plays a leading role.