1. The general and specific objectives of the subject are:

The 8 semesters of the training aim to further develop the acquired knowledge, to expand the repertoire from the renaissance to contemporary music and chamber music. By acquiring the widest range of music-technical and style-aware skills, mastering the different musical styles and musical techniques that will be used in Hungarian music.
The student should be able to produce both transcripts for self-making and chamber music. It is essential to have the skill level knowledge of the basic curriculum and to pass it on to the music school students. By acquiring the diploma, the student becomes eligible as a soloist and a chamber musician to attend his school and his immediate environment.
In the case of a master’s degree in music, the student is able to interpret a complete J. S. Bach suite, sonata and concert.

  1. Content of the Course

Learn about the most important works of guitar literature (from Renaissance to contemporary music).
Understanding the technical elements of artistic instrument art, raising awareness of the principles of intonation, sound training, and musical formation. A high level of knowledge of universal music adapted to historical age.

Breakdown in Semesters of the Course, Control method

  1. semester
    J.S.Bach: Lyre or stringed transcripts of movement, concert etude, one movement of a sonata, (eg: Barna Kováts, Miklós Mohay, Miklós Kocsár, Dávid Pavlovits), concert etude, sonata movement from the classicism,
  2. semester
    .J.S.Bach: Lyre or stringed transcripts, concert etude, Spanish Romanticism (E.Granados, I.Albeniz), H.Villa-Lobos.
  1. semester
    J.S.Bach: Lyre or stringed transcripts of a fugue, contemporary work, concert etude, fast movement of a concerto (eg: J. Rodrigo, H.Villa-Lobos, C.Tedesco, M, Giuiani, M.Ponce).
  1. semester
    The most important pieces of brotherly instruments – vihuela and lyre – the works of the great Renaissance masters, baroque suites, tabulation declarations.
  1. semester
    guitar concerts with a string chamber orchestra (Pl .: A.Vivaldi, L.Boccherini, J.F.Fasch, J.L.Krebs), romanticism sonatas.
  1. semester
    J. S. Bach Lyre or other transcripts of movements, concert etude, pieces by South American composers (A.Piazzolla, Jorge Cardoso, Jorge Morel).
  1. semester
    J. S. Bach Lyre or other transcripts of movements, from the second half of XX. the century, contemporary composer’s work, concert etude.
  1. semester
    Final Exam, including J. S. Bach Works, Chamber Music, a variety of styles of music history during the studies. Duration: 35-45 minutes.

Examination: each semester has a colloquium

  1. List of compulsory or recommended literature

J. S. Bach: Lyre Works – Leipzig Bach Total Edition + Editio Musica + Ricordi + Teuchert Augustin Barrios Mangore: Performing Works – Bellwin – Pub Mills.

Leo Brouwer: Estudios I-XX., Elegio de la Danza – Schott, Three Ballads (Decameron noir) –
Ed.Mus. Trans Atlantic

Simone Innarelli: Three Miles Sketches, Les Production D’oz. Miklós Kocsár: Suite, Ed Musica.

Frank Martin: Quatre Pieces Breves, Universal edition UE 12711 Z. Niccolo Paganini: Sonatas, Suvini-Zerboni

Maria Manuel Ponce: Sonatina Meridional, Schott 35842, Sonata III. Schott 32055, Sonata Clásica, Schott 32264, Sonata Romantica, Schott 32294, Variations for the Films, Schott 33082, Theme Variations and Final, Schott 32054, concerto del Sur, Schott 33870.

Joaquin Rodrigo: Invocacion y Danza, Tres piezas Espgnolas, Schott Fantasia For a Gentilhombre, Schott 6408, Concierto de Aranjuez, Schott 45560.

Domenico Scarlatti: Sonata, L.Brouwer 12 Sonata Fernando Sor: Total Publishing, Tecla Edition.

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Sonata, Schott 31183, Suite (Op.133.) – Schott18200, Fantasia, Op.14, Schott 38205, 24 Caprichos de Goya Op. 195. Ed. BerbenE1427 B, D major guitar competition Op.99. Schott 38204,

C major Guitar Competition Op.205. Schott 39075.

Federico Moreno Torroba: Sonatina, Ricordi B.A. 10042, Suite Castellana. Joaquin Turina: Sonata, Fandanguillo Schott,
Heitor Villa-Lobos: 12 ether, 5 Prelude, Brazil Slot, Guitar Competition.
William Walton: 5 bagatell, Oxford